VisualSystem HD

High-end visual stimulation for fMRI


NordicNeuroLab VisualSystem HD is a sophisticated and flexible solution for presenting visual stimuli inside the MR scanner. By rendering sharp images and brilliant colors, high quality graphics or text is presented to the patient.

The VisualSystem HD has a design which fits most head coils, and it is easy to mount with coil specific adapters. The adjustable arm allows fast and precise positioning at the preferred angle of view. The built-in diopter correction and fine-tuning of pupil distance are easy to regulate and customize to each patient, both adult and children.

Scientific studies indicate that the presentation of visual stimuli in fMRI experiments is more reliable with direct input through video goggles than with the use of conventional projection systems. Because the VisualSystem HD is placed close to the eyes, there are no external distractions during stimulus presentation, and individuals are also less likely to experience discomfort related to the confined space of the MR scanner.

The VisualSystem interfaces seamlessly with our nordicAktiva stimulus presentation software and our new nordicComfortPlayer for the most streamlined workflow available.

Advanced users can also benefit from the integrated binocular eye-tracking.


Our new VisualSystem HD offers some of the most advanced features available today:

  • Full HD resolution displays (1920 x 1200)
  • Integrated binocular eye-tracking
  • Support for 3D / Stereoscopic
  • Built-in diopter- and pupil-distance adjustment


Technical Specifications 

VSHD - Display
Display type

Dual Full HD OLED, one for each eye

Resolutions (native)

Aspect ratio

1920 x 1200@60Hz 

16:10 WXUGA

Field of view

60° diagonal (52.1° horizontal, 34° vertical)

 3D imaging

Independent video sources for each OLED enabling stereoscopic / 3D imaging

Optional feature

 Video input

2 x HDMI

 Contrast ratio


 White luminance


 Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) adjustment range

44 to 75mm

 Diopter correction

-10 to +5


Video-based Pupil Centre Corneal Reflection (PCCR). Two glints

Independent output video stream for each eye (binocular)

 Image resolution

640 x 480 (progressive)

 Frame rate

60 fps

 Field of view

25mm ocular plane horizontal

 Video output

2 x HDMI (can be externally converted to composite video)

 Supported software

Arrington ViewPoint, MRC, software supporting HDMI/composite framegrabbers

Control Room Interface Unit (CIU)  
 Video interface

2 x HDMI in, 2 x HDMI out for Eye-Tracking

 Control interface

1 x USB

Power Supply  
 Voltage range

90-250 VAC



Scanner Compatibility
Maximum static magnetic field

3 Tesla

Head coil fixation

Adjustable fixation mechanism supporting Siemens 64 channel and GE 48 channel, and wide range of other head coil types

Approvals and Regulations

IEC60601-1 (3.1 edition)


IEC60601-1-2 (4th edition)


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