A unique patient response device


The ResponseGrip is an MRI-compatible subject response device developed for both clinical and research users. It collects patient responses during an fMRI study. The ResponseGrip consists of two hand-held grips with two buttons each. By pressing the buttons, the patient can respond to the presented stimulus. The ResponseGrip is connected to an optical-electrical adapter which converts light to electrical signals. The electrical signal is fed to the Stimulus PC by using standard PC communication interfaces.

Ergonomically designed for use in either hand, the ResponseGrip is suitable for a wide range of experimental paradigms. The ResponseGrip is compatible with all leading software packages.

The grip is 100% fibre-optic and connects to the ResponseGrip Interface Unit in the operator room through an available waveguide. The Interface Unit provides real-time feedback of subject responses via LED indicators and optional sound signaling.

The system consists of two grips, the ResponseGrip Interface Unit, and fibre-optic cables.


Technical Specifications 

Physical dimensions (W, H, D)

43.9mm x 130mm x 105mm (circle shaped)


345 g (12.2 oz) complete including cable, 75 g (2.6 oz) grip only


2 + 2


31 meters (handles + extension bundle)


USB: mini-B USB. Emulated keyboard (HID)

RJ-45: for parallel port or serial adapter cable

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