Easy synchronization of fMRI paradigms with MR image acquisition


One of the challenges in fMRI is to synchronize stimulus presentation with MR image acquisition. Accuracy of timing and verification of timing information is critical to the validity of results.

The SyncBox is connected directly to the MRI scanner where it receives timing pulses sent out with each image series and demodulates this signal before it’s forwarded to the stimulus PC. In this way one can ensure that the stimulus presentation software is synchronized with the MRI image recordings.

With a flexible and user-friendly menu system, the SyncBox allows the user to select how the trigger pulse from the MRI scanner is transferred to the software presenting the stimuli. Compatible with the leading software packages, the SyncBox provides an easy-to-use solution for accurate control over stimulus presentation and easy access to timing information for data analysis.

The SyncBox can also simulate the trigger signals produced by the scanner during an MRI sequence. This enables the user to develop and test the entire experimental paradigm in the office, minimizing the need for testing in a costly scanning environment

Both research projects and clinical testing will benefit from the added accuracy provided by this synchronization device. The SyncBox interfaces with a variety of external devices, allowing synchronization of signals from different hardware sources and providing accurate logging of time stamps.

The SyncBox interfaces seamlessly with our nordicAktiva stimulus presentation software and our ResponseGrip for subject feedback, creating the most streamlined workflow available.


Technical Specifications 

Physical dimension (W, H, D)

105mm x 43.9mm x 130mm


240 g (8.5 oz)

Connectors input

Philips-Trigger: BNC, female, TTL level

Siemens-Trigger: HFBR-female, optical

GE-Trigger: 9 pin DSUB, RS-485/422


serial Port: 9 pin DSUB, RS-232

USB: mini-B USB. For emulated keyboard (HID) or serial port

RJ-45: for parallel port adapter cable


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