nordic fMRI Solution

Integrated hardware and software solution for clinical fMRI


Introduction of fMRI as a clinical tool has added vital information to patient treatment and evaluation. fMRI is a sophisticated technology, but does it have to be complex and require considerable time and resources?

At NordicNeuroLab we believe that the clinical use of fMRI requires simple automated procedures, enabling a single technician to handle stimulus generation, image acquisition, data analysis and reporting and exporting of results.

NordicNeuroLab nordic fMRI Solution was developed to handle just that. It has been specifically designed to fit within the workflow of your hospital’s daily routine and has been tailored to integrate software and hardware components simply and effectively.

The solution is fully customizable to your center’s needs. Select the basic system for visual stimulus presentation or the advanced system to include image processing software. Choose between the user friendly InRoomViewingDevice  or the high-end VisualSystem HD for image presentation. Add the AudioSystem to present auditory stimuli. NordicNeuroLab nordic fMRI Solution is a flexible and sophisticated tool that continues to evolve as a result of our strong partnerships with MRI manufacturers, leading research institutes, and hospitals all over the word.





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