Clinical stimulus presentation and workflow software


nordicAktiva is a stimulus presentation and workflow software which controls the presentation of stimuli during fMRI exams, designed specifically with the clinical user in mind.

nordicAktiva offers a collection of ready-to-use standard clinical paradigms, allowing physicians to test perceptual, motor and cognitive functions in clinical settings.

nordicAktiva includes a choice of pre-defined paradigms, some of which are available in multiple languages. Paradigms can also be modified based on user preferences, and there is an option to build a tailored library of paradigms. nordicAktiva also supports audio and video files.

By using nordicAktiva, a single technician can handle stimulus presentation and image acquisition at the same time. With an intuitive interface and detailed easy-to-understand instructions available in multiple languages, the user is guided step-by-step through the process of presenting stimuli during image acquisition.

nordicAktiva runs seamlessly with the NNL fMRI hardware, displaying the paradigm to the patient during the MR imaging exam. An integrated hardware test assures that the fMRI hardware is connected and working properly prior to the exam.        


 It is also possible to integrate nordicAktiva with the Siemens Numaris platform (version 4) on the MR console. This way stimulus presentation can be controlled directly from the operating console.

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